About Winding Bay

Sunrise Over Winding Bay EleutheraWinding Bay, as well as much of the beachfront property in south Eleuthera, was acquired in about 1940 by Arthur Vining Davis, a founder and later chairman of Alcoa, the Aluminum Company of America. Amongst other projects, he wanted to build a 300 room resort hotel on Half Sound, but when that project was turned down by the government authorities in the early 1950’s, he sold out to Juan Trippe, the president and founder of Pan American Airways.

The first house built on Winding Bay was built as a retirement present for Davis’ long time secretary. It was constructed on what later became the site of the Winding Bay Club and what is now the bankrupt Venta Club. At about that time, Davis also arranged to have a canal dredged from Winding Bay to Half Sound so that she could get to Half Sound without having to navigate the torturous outside passage around Joseph’s Cay. In the 1990’s the canal began to silt up and in 2000 it finally closed thanks to hurricane Floyd.

During the time of Trippe’s ownership, he started selling large 2-3 acre building lots along the south portion of Winding Bay. The first house was built in 1967. Development has been slow and even today there are only 11 houses along the beach.

This website is dedicated to the beauty and wonder of Winding Bay, Eleuthera, and the fine hospitable people who call this magnificent Bahamas island "home."

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